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Military / Employer Relocation

Let us welcome you home!
Military / Employer Relocation

Where to start?

Once you have received your posting message/release paperwork, you can set up an online account with BGRS to access relocation services. It’s important to get a pre-approval prior to your HHT so you can act quickly upon finding the perfect house!

Employer Relocation

Employee relocation arrangements vary greatly between employers. Often they will pay your expenses for a house-hunting trip and some, if not all, of the relocation costs (moving company, family travel/hotel/food, temporary housing, etc.).

Our professional mortgage brokers have worked with others just like you and we are ready to share our knowledge, connections and expertise with you.

More than just helping you get pre-approved for your mortgage, we can help you find a real-estate agent and connect you with other services that you will need.

Military Relocation

Our mortgage agents/brokers are experienced with all aspects of  military relocation and can help you to make the best of the resources that you've been given from the military. We will help you understand your Brookfield benefits and provide you with strategies to minimize interest and relocation costs to help get your mortgage paid down as quickly as possible.

Moving to a new city? We've got you!

Our agents have a wealth of knowledge about our city and are happy to share it with you. We have helped many military families move. Our expertise will help to smooth the transition and get you settled in no time!

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